Millions of data created each day.  Many start ups, businesses, and organization all around the globe are investing in tools that can collect data and reach to the wider audience, acquiring more customers, conversion rate, and revenue for the company. All the data are available in different formats and layouts that require specialized skills and techniques to gethered, and use these data into fruitful information that can provide help in decision making strategies.  The mechanism that helps in collection of the data warehousing, data mining, statistics and machine learning, and decision making covers in Business Analytics.

Business Analytics Programme is used in Banking & Finance, Retail, Supply Chain, Healthcare and others.


After the completion of the Business Analytics Certification, the students will have several career opportunity like-

  1. Big Data Analytics Architect.
  2. Big Data Engineer.
  3. Financial Analyst.
  4. Marketing Analytics Manager.
  5. Business Intelligence and Analytics Consultant.
  6. Analytics Associate Metrics and Analytics Specialist Database Administrator.
  7. Fraud Analyst


  1. Bachelor degree/ Graduate in any discipline from a recognized University
  2. International/ SAARC Graduate from a recognized/ accredited university or recognized University
  3. Result awaited students can also apply for the final year of examination of their bachelor’s program, subject to successfully completing their bachelor’s degree program/graduation within a time specified by IIM Gurgaon.


  1. The duration of the digital Marketing Certification is one year.
  2. The registration period is valid up to one academic year.


Business Analytics Foundation
Business Analytics Techniques
Business Analytics Applications