top b school in delhi ncr under mat

Pursuing an MBA is a significant investment of your life. It is about more than just learning to read a spreadsheet or even lead a team. Doing an MBA from a top B School can provide you great opportunities for your future endeavors. That is why it is essential to go for reputed colleges to fulfill your dreams.

Recognized as one of the top B Schools in Delhi NCR under MAT, IIM Gurgaon is transforming global society by educating and disseminating quality knowledge to students at large.IIM Gurgaon aims to prepare the next generation of global leaders to channel their passion into innovation, and fueling the global economy to a new height.IIM Gurgaon as the best PGDM colleges in Delhi NCR under MAT ensures that the students of IIM Gurgaon are the change-makers.

Why choose MBA from IIM Gurgaon?

1) Learning and curriculum

At IIM Gurgaon, how you learn is as important as what you learn. The aim of knowledge imparting in IIM Gurgaon focuses on instilling powerful decision-making skills that will stay with students even after graduation.

The curriculum at IIM Gurgaon is formulated in such a manner that it provides students with theory as well as practical knowledge. The curriculum focuses on learning and knowledge gain and not on rote learning so that when a student is out of college, he/she has all the skills required to be a business leader. At IIM Gurgaon, we believe in imparting practical knowledge to our students, so we teach them when and how to apply knowledge.

Our esteemed professors develop a bond with students to guide them on their career path, and also believes in the holistic development of students.

2) Fee structure

Sometimes pursuing MBA from top B school in Delhi NCR under MAT can put a substantial financial burden on students as well as parents. IIM offers quality education and excellent infrastructure to the students that too at an affordable price. We aim to make education accessible to all sections of our society. We have world-class support for the convenience of students. Joining IIM Gurgaon won’t give you a hole in the pocket, and we assure quality education without paying a hefty fee.

3) Scholarships and financing options

Learning always works as a boon to meritorious students who are not financially well off. By providing scholarships to our top-class meritorious students, we aim to provide educational facilities to economically weak students.

IIM Gurgaon also assists if a student wishes to avail loan benefits for his/her studies. We try to make sure that all public and private sector banks offer loans to our students. Students will avail hassle-free loan facilities without undergoing many problems.


We have a track record of over 95% placement. Over 50 of the major organizations from different sectors visited and placed our students. Our students work all around the globe and are global leaders working towards economic prosperity. IIM Gurgaon takes pride in having a fantastic track record of placement over the years. Our students are placed in top brands like parle and snapdeal. We believe in providing a good Return On Investment by placing our students in all major sectors of the economy.


IIM Gurgaon has a lush green campus with all significant facilities and infrastructure. Our fully air-conditioned classrooms are equipped with boards, multimedia and audio, and visual facilities to provide an active learning process to the students. With thousands of books available, we have a big library to help students with their educational requirements. Being the best PGDM colleges in Delhi NCR under MAT, we boast of a lush green campus with wifi and hostel facilities for our students. Our campus life ensures that students have holistic development. Different competitions and workshops are organized regularly to provide all-round development to the students.

IIM Gurgaon, being one of the top B Schools in Delhi NCR under MAT is devoted to excellence in teaching, research, and learning and to make students capable of becoming global leaders and symbols of change. We provide exposure to the business, inside and outside the college. We also offer unparalleled access to leaders from different sectors to our students by organizing guest lectures and various training and programs.

Our mission is to provide the world with business leaders and builders of enterprises.the the main idea of IIM Gurgaon is to transform the world from the center of business.

We believe in making a change around the world with our quality education; our students are placed and located all around the globe. Situated in the heart of Gurugram, IIM Gurgaon is reachable from Delhi as well as NCR thus ensuring the easy access of students. We have extensive course offering our students benefits academic, professional development, and social activities through student organizations and internship.

IIM Gurgaon also offers study abroad facilities as well as entrepreneurial facilities.IIM Gurgaon also provides a comprehensive certification process covering a 360-degree approach exposing the students to global competition. With our aim of creating “Leaders for tomorrow,” we try to provide the best educational facilities possible if you wish to enter the global competition with all the tools and knowledge of business contact IIM Gurgaon.

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