The IIMG is an Institute, which is started with the sole objective of “Creating Tomorrow’s Business Leaders Today” and to fulfill this Dream we strive to Nurture the Young n Vulnerable Minds in such a way that, when they Jump-start their Careers as they take a Plunge into the Vast Expanse of the Ocean full of Opportunities, they do not Feel any Pressure from their Competition, instead they Swim out Swiftly as they already know How to deal with these Unchartered Territories.

We at IIMG, require their Active Participation so that the Torch of Knowledge be Kept on Burning in the Society, Which not only Fulfill the MAKE in INDIA Dream, Conceptualized by our Beloved Prime Minister Mr.Narendra D. Modi but can also Help our Country once again gain the Status of the “SONE ki CHIRIYA”.

At IIMG, the Young Talent is tutored in such a way that, they Not Only Manage the Corporate Affairs of the Organization Successfully, but can Also Lead by Example. We offer the Learning Experience that Stimulates and Inspires the Students. We build Excellence in Education, Unleash the Best and allow the Students to evolve into Professionals at par with Global Standards. In addition to giving the Conventional Inputs, we try to Develop the Mind-Set and the Attitudes that are required in today’s Business Environment.

Our students turn into Superior Standard Professionals and Entrepreneurs. Co-curricular events provide Students an Opportunity to Express their Imagination, Talent and Personality.